Ariston home appliances: style, design and technology

Ariston appliances are synonymous with evolution and the avant-garde in style and design. Always capable of understanding consumers’ needs and expectations, they offer both aesthetic solutions and technical performance, ideal for those who like to live intensely at home. The style and design of Ariston appliances reflect the constant efforts and intuitions of the designer Makio Hasuike, whose experience and creativity translate into in appliances with innovative lines and unforgettable shapes, solid, functional structures that embody high technology and extreme innovation.

Awards and acknowledgements

Awards and acknowledgements - Aqualtis
Modern and sophisticated design, thoughtful details, elegance and ergonomics: the Aqualtis washing machine is an appliance that’s aesthetically pleasing and extremely simple to use. The 8°-tilted drum and highly intuitive controls of the Aqualtis washing machine make the laundry easy to see and manage in all phases of the wash.
Awards and acknowledgements - Good design
The Ariston 4-Door Fridge Freezer won one of the 2009 Good Design Awards for the best industrial designs, organized by Chicago Athenaeum-Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture and Art Design and Urban Studies. An impressive accolade for the 4-Door Fridge Freezer, the first 4-door fridge and with a highly innovative design.
Awards and acknowledgements - Grand Designs
Ariston's 48 cm oven, designed by Makio Hasuike, won a Grand Designs Magazine award in the "Technology for the home" category for having developed avant-garde technological solutions in the domestic sector. These prestigious awards go to appliances chosen for their technology and innovation at the “Grand Designs Live” in London, an event for design and home furnishing enthusiasts.